Commuter Tips For a Smooth First Day of College


So its the first day of the semester and there I was scrambling to get everything together for my fist day of class.

At the start of every semester I try to get things in order ASAP so that my first day does’t turn out to be a repeat of the oh-so-overwhelming first day of my very first semester and Florida Atlantic University. I pack my school bag ready for the day ahead. I get in the car and the next thing I look for is my phone in which I have a screenshot of the week’s schedule with the time and building name of my first class.

I look at the time and as usual, I have just enough time to get there 10 minutes before class starts so I click on my seatbelt as I head out to a noisy I95.

Rewind to my to-do list before leaving home:

  • Look at school schedule, note class times.
  • Estimate commute time plus parking time (1 hour).
  • Pack Large Bag with notebook, water bottle, low calorie granola bar, iPad and wallet.
  • Make sure my car had enough gas before leaving.

With these measures taken I head out to a much planned first day of senior year of college.


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