Not A Campus Resident? No Problem!

Ahh the wonders of college life… there is nothing like the feeling of starting fresh after the holidays, but what is better than finding a great parking spot on campus? Free food!


A couple of weeks back at Florida Atlantic University, students were welcomed to a fresh and inviting Spring semester. Of course students like me anticipated long days, hurried steps along the campus’ hallways and hour after hour of lectures. What we weren’t prepared for, however, included free lunch at the university’s South campus and complimentary snacks handed to students at the main campus’ parking garages.

Being known as a major commuter college, FAU’s alumni now receive some pretty great perks as they make their way to class. The university has now developed a focus in providing comforting ways to help us commuters a little, and although things like these don’t happen every day, this is a way to help relieve the stress that us commuters go through with these days.

This month, the University of Toronto also supported its commuter students by hosting events to help them feel welcome, according to The Varsity, the UT’s student-run newspaper. These and other events hosted by the Off-Campus Students’ Association (OCSA), an organization for college student commuters, definitely took the idea seriously in order to restore a sense of belonging for those of us unable to hang around campus daily.

Thanks, OCSA!


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