The 4 Must Haves for Commuters


Being a commuter student pretty much means:

  • Really long drives/rides to campus
  • Lots and lots of planning
  • And one of the most important ones: deciding what to take in your bag

So what exactly do you pack in your bag before heading out to a long day of classes?

Let me start by saying that one of the best things that you can do as a commuter is finding the right size bag to have for the school year. If you are like me, I love a big size backpack or tote bag in which I can carry everything I need when I spend my day on campus.

Now lets get to the packing:

1. Snacks.


I usually tend to pick up a box or two of granola bars when I go to the grocery store. Granola bars are not only easy to carry, but contain ingredients that can fill you up plus providing a good source of fiber and protein.

I recommend: Kashi Granola bars 

2. Water/ tea.

lemon tea MGD©

Water is very high up in my list of things to take to school and especially since I live in south Florida, where you can get dehydrated very fast. If you get sick of water I recommend tea, which is very low on calories and can help in your daily hydration.

I recommend: Your own plastic or glass bottle and TAZO tea.

3. Binder/notebook & Writing tools.


This should be a given, but since you ant to carry the least stuff as possible I recommend getting a big binder with dividers for each class, so that you have everything in one place and is easier to carry. I always also include a pouch in my bag with a few black and blue ink pens, a pencil and two highlighters.

I recommend: Any medium sized binder or 5 subject notebooks.

4. A tablet or Laptop.


Since most (if not all) school work is done electronically these days it is important for you to have the tools necessary to write your papers, look at assignments online, or even check your school e-mail on you owl device. These electronics also double up as devices in which to stream your  favorite Netflix movie or show  in between classes if you get bored. I personally like to bring my tablet since it doesn’t make my bag as heavy as my laptop does.

I recommend: Any brand!

Stay tuned for more packing hacks at Owl on Wheels.


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