Commuter Time Management Ideas

As a commuter, one faces a list of downsides:


  • Losing time while driving/riding to campus.
  • Counting on a short amount of time to get things done before or after class.
  • Having to plan your every important school appointment.
  • Missing interesting on-campus events.

So what does a commuter do to re-connect with the campus community of one’s college or university?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Visit your college’s calendar of events – this will help you look at all the activities going on on campus that you will want to attend, which will give you time to plan.

2. Purchase an agenda and use it to mark down all the things you need to get done in schedule blocks – this will help you maintain an organized day which can prevent you from forgetting to do important things such as homework assignments.

3. Use your days off to plan ahead.

Here are more ideas about planning and time management:

– Management Ninja

Wiki How

Straight Line


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