Common Commuter Problems Of College Students

cars 3

As a commuter student you can never have the best of both worlds.

1. Yes, you may save on that dorm payment every semester, but spending ridiculous amounts of money for your weekly gas fill has become like an extra bill.

2. “Not another traffic jam!!” – What you tell yourself almost every time you commute in the morning. Oh and don’t get me started on rainy day commutes…

Can you say headache…

3. Having your car break down. Last week my car’s battery stopped working just as I was ready to leave for school! I had to borrow my mom’s car to go to class, a car that did not have a parking decal and that had to be parked in a metered space which had to be paid.

Tips for when your car breaks down

4. Having to pick a schedule that requires less driving. I mean it is bad enough that you spend almost half of your gas tank on driving to school for a day, imagine having to drive to class every day! I tend to pay very close attention when choosing my classes each semester so that I can take at least two or three classes each day I drive to campus, saving myself unnecessary daily trips to school.

5. Scheduling appointments with your advisor, dean, or professor. More travel time plus gas expenses. Enough said…

6. Having to drive even more to meet with friends, study groups, or clubs. As a student and art-time employee my days barry allow me to join more than one club.

Upside? Getting to write a blog about your commutes 😉


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