Best Foods For Students On The Go

7 realistic vegetables

Lets Face it, if you are a commuter student you find yourself going to the vending machine at least once a day during the semester. You probably also find yourself in search of fast food which can certainly dig a hole in your pocket. You probably even find yourself eating foods that are not good for you and that make you even more tired during and after class, so here I will show you a few tasty foods that are not only delicious but commuter-friendly and good for your health.

1. Chopped salad In A Cup.

This lunch idea is great for students as the size of the container is small enough to carry in your bag, all you have to do is chop a few vegetables, throw them in a cup, and voila!

Get the recipe

2. Healthy Chicken Salad Wrap.

This item is also small enough to carry and very satisfying. you can add different ingredients to it including dry fruits like cherries and vegetables. That way you include more fruits and veggies in your diet.

Find the recipe

3. A good old ham and cheese sandwich.

This one is very quick to make, and your best bet as you can place it in a small ziplock bag. I usually throw in a bag of potato chips on the side.

4. A Soup Thermos filled with homemade soup.

This is specially good for winter, when you are in the mood for something warm and packed with vitamins to fight off colds and strengthen your immune system. Try making some chicken noodle soup the night before school, that way you have dinner for the night plus lunch for the next day.

Find the recipe

5. A green smoothie.

These days smoothies are the new thing. I think that smoothies are great on the go as they give you all the benefits of fruits and vegetables and they fill you up for hours. I try to make mine a few minutes before I leave the house. I love mixed berry smoothies for energy and peanut butter-banana smoothies for a dose of protein.

Try these and these… yum!

6. Snacks.

You can never go wring with simple snacks on the go when you have a long day ahead of you at school.

Here is a post from Greatist showing you 42 freezer-free snacks.


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