Multitasking On The Go, Tips For The Busy Commuter


In this day and age, who is not busy?

We wake up, get to work/school, do homework, go to the gym, prepare meals, and try to find time for entertainment. But let’s be real, don’t you wish you had time to do it all in one day and still function?

So here I have put together a list of great commuter tips I have found to be really helpful as a commuter myself.

– This article by Business Insider lets you in on a few commuter hacks that you have never heard before like using your riding or driving time to make checklists that organize your day, listening to podcasts that keep you up to date, or even checking your voicemail.

– What is better than finding commuter apps that help you save time and money? This article from Domaine concentrates on the best mobile apps that show you the cheapest gas stations around your location, the best traffic navigation routes, and the best parking spots around.

– This article by The Huffington Post shows us a few tips for the stressful side of commuting. It gives you tips such as meditating on your commute, unplugging from your latest iPhone, tablet, TV, or radio device, and using this time as a way to reconnect with your inner self, which will turn driving time into me time.

My favorites from these lists include listening to music (like in this awesome BuzzFeed playlist), which is the best way to de-stress for me, but today I am ready to practice all these other commuter hacks during my next trip.


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