My Commuter Horror Stories: Commuter Trips Gone Wrong


With time and personal experience one learns every day. So as a commuter myself, I have a few personal stories to share that might help you think twice about your commuter student routine.

#1 I forgot to reserve a studio room for a homework assignment.

Did I mention I live an hour away from this campus? Not only did I have to drive to school on my only day off, but I also got stuck in traffic on the way back, making it a 2-hour commute instead of one.

#2 My contacts got messed up and I didn’t bring back-up glasses.

Around the middle of my second class my contacts started hurting my eyes so bad, I had to take them out. I even rinsed them with contact solution several times, but every time I put them on they hurt my eyes. I ended up having to call my mother to bring me a pair of glasses so that I could drive my car back home.

#3 I forgot my wallet in my other purse.

Not only is this dangerous when you drive long distances without a license, but you don’t have money to rely on. I had to skip lunch because I was planning on buying something that day.       (I now tend to keep some change in my school bag all the time)

#4 Forgetting my book for class.

We had a quiz that day and I ended up leaving my book on my desk, I did not get to go over a few things I needed to before the quiz, leading to a lower grade on the assessment.

#5 My car’s battery died.

This happened right when I was leaving for class. I was forced to borrow my mothers car, which had very little gas on it.

Today, I’m making my way through senior year I now have all these terrible anecdotes to share with you all. I wish you all the best!


2 thoughts on “My Commuter Horror Stories: Commuter Trips Gone Wrong

  1. cmccar182015 March 18, 2015 / 11:36 pm

    I really like the stories, and I think you really connect with people by telling them. But If you want to end it with, “I wish you all the best,” It makes it sound more like your jinxing people then trying to wish me the best. Maybe throw in a little detail about positive solutions to these problems.


  2. bbadell2012 March 18, 2015 / 11:57 pm

    As a commuter, I truly enjoyed this blog. The tips like these meal options are very helpful. I also like how personal yet engaging you make your blog with your own anecdotes about the car crashing, wasting time driving, and the battle with time. I also like how you wrote your own tips and then gave a list of blogs for the reader to find out more about each blog.


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