Skills Aquired And Enhanced By Commuting


Here are a few things that one gets foot at as a commuter student for four years of college:

1. Better driving skills.

I have completely enhanced my driving skills as a commuter, not only because I drive long distances, but because I drive on the big Florida highways such as I-95 and the Turnpike every day.

2. Knowing the tricks on how to pack light.

As a commuter I am forced to pack many small things I find necessary in the car. I have mostly take first aid things such as pain killer and band-aids to chapstick for my chapped lips. I also carry a change of clothes that help in case my clothes get wet or dirty and granola bars that save me in case  I get hungry, in fact I’ve gotten so good at this that friends and family always ask for things they need when we are out.

3. Better sense of orientation.

As a commuter you also get to know your areas better. This includes where the best restaurants are as well as knowing the best shortcuts.

4. Time management.

This is definitely a must for us commuters because timing is an extremely important part of our lives as arriving to on time to school or work will determine the way professors and employers think about you. Give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes toward your commute in case you get lost or hit traffic.

5. Patience.

When you are on the road for so long and especially on the big highways, you acquire patience. It is important to be patient because it helps you be more relaxed through the day.

And since I know how stressful commutes can be, here is some info to make your driving a little more zen.

What skills have you acquired?


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