Happy Commutes To You

happy commuter

Have you thought about carpooling? If the answer is no, you may want to reconsider. It doesn’t matter if you drive, take the bus or train to school, exchanging conversation with others will make our commutes more bearable according to science.

I recently came across an article by City News Toronto that confirms chatting with others may turn our frown upside down when commuting.

Even though this article goes mostly toward train and bus commuters who encounter a number of strangers in their weekly commutes, as a driving commuter, I have had the chance to test the commuter chatting experience myself.

So what were the outcomes?

1. You feel more relaxed.

Talking to someone during your drive or ride to work or school can help you feel as though time is going by faster.

2. You learn.

Wether you are talking to a friend or a stranger it is always healthy to talk to people. Not only do  you get to know more about the, but learn new things from them that could help you in your commuter situation since they are in the same situation as you.

3. You create or nurture friendships.

Starting conversations with people you don’t know will help you meet others and understand them better. This is a great advantage in an environment in which we are always on the go and unable to have a good long talk with friends.

So even if you already have a commuting buddy or drive to school there are always opportunities for you too meet new people or include your friends into your commute to help your relationships and your commuter anxiety.


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