Coping With Stress, Commuter Style.


Yes, we have a month left of school. This is the time when term papers are due, group projects come to an end, and final exams peek from right around the corner. This is why it is only natural that students such as you and me feel anxious and stressed.

Adding on to the list, we have to deal with the long commutes to school… So here are some of the best stress relievers I have found to work as a full time commuter student:

1. Get a good night’s sleep.

It is extremely necessary to be well rested to feel good. If you have slept less than the recommended amount of hours each night (at least 7 to 8 hours) you will feel exhausted and grumpy for the rest of the day.

2. Keep your car clean and organized.

Since you are spending a lot of time in your car it is essential that you keep this space looking clean and clear of unnecessary stuff. This does not necessary mean you have to clean your car every week, instead, try to take down all the trash in your car as you arrive home every day.

3. Aroma therapy, anyone?

I personally find it calming to have some sort of sweet aroma in the car. I usually get something with a light, yet strong enough scent that will last in the car for at least a month.

What I’m using: Bath & Body Works’ Scentportables

4. Water and Snacks.

Living in Florida I know that a bottle of water is a commuter must. Drinking water will help you  eliminate your chances of getting headaches due to dehydration and eliminates fatigue.

I also found these surprising effects of water

Snacks, on the other hand will prevent you from being hungry and un-energyzed for the day. C’mon, you are a commuter and you need your energy!

5. Meditate.

Leave some room for “me time” before going to bed each night, this mens taking about 20 minutes to disconnect from your phone, tablet, laptop, and TV to focus on you. When you meditate you can let your mind rest at ease and let go of all the stressful things you encountered throughout the day.

Tips for meditation


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