Living in A Commuter’s Culture


So what exactly is a commuter? What is it that sets us apart?

To me, the long drives and school days, the constant struggle to arrange your schedule (for school and work) the right way and the art of arranging meetings with the school’s faculty on non-work or school hours sums it all up.

Yes, being a commuter is tough, but I believe every drive is worth it when it comes to getting a degree. So when your busy days are dragging you down think of this:

  • Its gonna get better – sometimes it feels like a never ending cycle, and you will get irritated about having to wait four years to graduate, but just keep in mind that if you follow your four year plan, this too shall pass.
  • You will gain so much from this – yes, being a college student is stressful, specially when you juggle school and work activities, but you will walk out of college with some real-life experience that will help you in the future. Look at those time management skills!
  • This is just the beginning – Remember: all those things that you did for your degree will reward you in the end. You now have the ability to find a job in the professional world and show off the skills you learned in classes and internships.

Don’t forget that even though it’s hard, you need to trust yourself and trust the process. You can do it!


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