Commuter Expenses That Nobody Talks About


As a commuter student there are certain expenses that one has to plan for. Yes, you might be saving on money by living at home with your parents or rooming with a couple of friends, but the price of commuting can also come to a high cost.

Commuter list of expenses:

1. Gas.

Yep, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about commuting to school. In my case, commuting to school for 3o min to an hour (depending on which campus I have classes on) can be a real gas guzzler.

Tip: try to monitor the latest gas prices and see which gas stations around your are have the cheapest gas. It always helps to turn to Apps to help monitor prices from your mobile device!

2. Food.

If you have almost an entire day of classes it can be tough to pack real meals that you can keep fresh, so I am forced to buy meals at least two times a week. This can add up if you included your food expenses of the weekend.

3. Tolls.

When you drive an hour to go to school, you find ways to shorten your trip. This is why I take florida’s Turnpike on a daily basis. Although this is a great way to bring your commute time to a minimum, but it adds up at the end of the day.

Tip: invest on a SunPass for time efficiency.

4. Car Care.

If you commute as much as me, your car tires get worn out pretty fast, the is one of the big expenses that I wish I could cut off from the list. but remember, safety first!


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