Building A Commuter’s Schedule


Registration for the Fall semester is just a few days away! For many, this time could be exciting, yet frustrating at times.

As a commuter, planning for the next semester consists of a careful examination of class days, times, and of course, planning by class priority. So today I will share with you the best strategies to save you hours of frustration when planning your schedule:

1. Meet with your college Advisor.

It is always important to meet with advisors at least once a semester to make sure you know where you are standing in your college career. This is a habit that one must get used to as it will save you from failing to register for classes that are required to graduate.

2. Look at your registration schedule.

This is extremely important as you need to make sure you have access to the schedule right as your registration window opens. Remember that timing matters and that there are hundreds of students that could be trying to get into the same classes as you.

Your should look something like this.

Tip: If you haven’t yet, take a moment to write down the date and time in which you are allowed to register for classes.

3. Plan a sample schedule before registration day.

I cannot tell you how much time and energy this saves me. Try to sit down a few days prior to registration and think about what days and times work best for you to attend classes. Then write down the classes you need and the best days and times to take them.

Tip: If your commutes are long like mine, try to take 2-3 classes in a day to save you from driving/riding to school multiple times each week.

Try this.

4. Set an alarm for registration time.

Make sure that when your registration window opens, you’ll be one of the first students to claim a seat in the classes you need. Keep in mind that there might be other students (like graduate students, veterans, and seniors), who have the ability to register before you do.

Ready. Set. Register!


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