Finding The Perfect Commuter Attire – Floridian Edition


If you have ever attended college in Florida, you know how hot it can get during the Summer/Fall semesters. This post is dedicated to those commuters who spend a good amount of time driving to school and attending classes in these extremely warm days.

So yes, you think about trading your heavy sweaters and long pants for shorts and short sleeves, but if you are a college student in Florida, you know just how cold in can get in some of these classes. So how do you find an outfit to balance the heat from outside and the cold in classroom buildings?

Here are some examples:

1. Long sleeves and shorts/Capri Pants.

With this outfit you can have a balance between being hot and cold without unnecessary layers on a moderately warm day. Keep in mind to wear cotton (t-shirt style) long sleeves, and not any other fabrics that could make it unbearable to walk outside.

Girl style

Guy style

2. Jeans/Leggings and short sleeves with Light Hoodie.

During classes like these, hoodies are your best friend. If you get cold, you can throw it on, if you get hot, just put it in your car or backpack. also, jeans don’t keep you too warm and the short sleeves are great with everything.

Girl style

Guy style

3. Sandals/ Sneakers/Boat shoes.

Sandals are your best bet if you have to walk in the heat from class to class, but sneakers are best if you have to walk far between buildings or if it rains. Also, if your outfit seems a little more on the formal side, you can wear boat shoes.

Boat shoes, Sandals, Sneakers

4. Accessories.

Sunglasses – I have gotten into the habit of keeping a pair of sunglasses in the car so that I don’t forget them in the house. Sunglasses are a must in Florida since the bright sunlight can be blinding at times (specially with driving).

Hats – I also tend to take a baseball cap for when I attend outside activities. Again, sun protection is a must!

Got any more ideas for commuter outfits? Comment below.


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