Skills Aquired And Enhanced By Commuting


Here are a few things that one gets foot at as a commuter student for four years of college:

1. Better driving skills.

I have completely enhanced my driving skills as a commuter, not only because I drive long distances, but because I drive on the big Florida highways such as I-95 and the Turnpike every day.

2. Knowing the tricks on how to pack light.

As a commuter I am forced to pack many small things I find necessary in the car. I have mostly take first aid things such as pain killer and band-aids to chapstick for my chapped lips. I also carry a change of clothes that help in case my clothes get wet or dirty and granola bars that save me in case  I get hungry, in fact I’ve gotten so good at this that friends and family always ask for things they need when we are out.

3. Better sense of orientation.

As a commuter you also get to know your areas better. This includes where the best restaurants are as well as knowing the best shortcuts.

4. Time management.

This is definitely a must for us commuters because timing is an extremely important part of our lives as arriving to on time to school or work will determine the way professors and employers think about you. Give yourself an extra 10-15 minutes toward your commute in case you get lost or hit traffic.

5. Patience.

When you are on the road for so long and especially on the big highways, you acquire patience. It is important to be patient because it helps you be more relaxed through the day.

And since I know how stressful commutes can be, here is some info to make your driving a little more zen.

What skills have you acquired?


Battling Sick Days As A Commuter

Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue

Going through a rough cold? Stomach aches? Headaches all day? All the following have happened to me while on campus. When things like these happen far from home, one has the need to adapt to the situation and go through the rest of the day. So here I will show you some of the ways in which I have coped with sick days at school.

– Headaches:

Living in Florida, it is easy to get a headache if one does not drink the right amount of water. Man times I get headaches as an effect of dehydration so first try to stay hydrated. Also make sure you eat your meals and snacks through the day as this could also contribute to your headache. I usually also carry a bottle of any pain reliever to alleviate my headaches.

Top headache triggers

– Cold symptoms:

I rarely get a cold, but when I do I make sure that I have all the things necessary to easy the aches and pains from the cold. I tend to eat light, taking ham and chess sandwiches for lunch as well as plenty of water and bring a thermos to fill with hot tea for my throat.

Here are some DYI remedies for a cold

– Stomach aches:

Do not eat any fast food or drink heavy things like soft drinks. These will make you feel worse and will not help you get better. I also recommend once again drinking plenty of water and chamomile tea, which soothes the stomach.

Easy home remedies for stomach aches

My Commuter Horror Stories: Commuter Trips Gone Wrong


With time and personal experience one learns every day. So as a commuter myself, I have a few personal stories to share that might help you think twice about your commuter student routine.

#1 I forgot to reserve a studio room for a homework assignment.

Did I mention I live an hour away from this campus? Not only did I have to drive to school on my only day off, but I also got stuck in traffic on the way back, making it a 2-hour commute instead of one.

#2 My contacts got messed up and I didn’t bring back-up glasses.

Around the middle of my second class my contacts started hurting my eyes so bad, I had to take them out. I even rinsed them with contact solution several times, but every time I put them on they hurt my eyes. I ended up having to call my mother to bring me a pair of glasses so that I could drive my car back home.

#3 I forgot my wallet in my other purse.

Not only is this dangerous when you drive long distances without a license, but you don’t have money to rely on. I had to skip lunch because I was planning on buying something that day.       (I now tend to keep some change in my school bag all the time)

#4 Forgetting my book for class.

We had a quiz that day and I ended up leaving my book on my desk, I did not get to go over a few things I needed to before the quiz, leading to a lower grade on the assessment.

#5 My car’s battery died.

This happened right when I was leaving for class. I was forced to borrow my mothers car, which had very little gas on it.

Today, I’m making my way through senior year I now have all these terrible anecdotes to share with you all. I wish you all the best!

Best Foods For Students On The Go

7 realistic vegetables

Lets Face it, if you are a commuter student you find yourself going to the vending machine at least once a day during the semester. You probably also find yourself in search of fast food which can certainly dig a hole in your pocket. You probably even find yourself eating foods that are not good for you and that make you even more tired during and after class, so here I will show you a few tasty foods that are not only delicious but commuter-friendly and good for your health.

1. Chopped salad In A Cup.

This lunch idea is great for students as the size of the container is small enough to carry in your bag, all you have to do is chop a few vegetables, throw them in a cup, and voila!

Get the recipe

2. Healthy Chicken Salad Wrap.

This item is also small enough to carry and very satisfying. you can add different ingredients to it including dry fruits like cherries and vegetables. That way you include more fruits and veggies in your diet.

Find the recipe

3. A good old ham and cheese sandwich.

This one is very quick to make, and your best bet as you can place it in a small ziplock bag. I usually throw in a bag of potato chips on the side.

4. A Soup Thermos filled with homemade soup.

This is specially good for winter, when you are in the mood for something warm and packed with vitamins to fight off colds and strengthen your immune system. Try making some chicken noodle soup the night before school, that way you have dinner for the night plus lunch for the next day.

Find the recipe

5. A green smoothie.

These days smoothies are the new thing. I think that smoothies are great on the go as they give you all the benefits of fruits and vegetables and they fill you up for hours. I try to make mine a few minutes before I leave the house. I love mixed berry smoothies for energy and peanut butter-banana smoothies for a dose of protein.

Try these and these… yum!

6. Snacks.

You can never go wring with simple snacks on the go when you have a long day ahead of you at school.

Here is a post from Greatist showing you 42 freezer-free snacks.

Multitasking On The Go, Tips For The Busy Commuter


In this day and age, who is not busy?

We wake up, get to work/school, do homework, go to the gym, prepare meals, and try to find time for entertainment. But let’s be real, don’t you wish you had time to do it all in one day and still function?

So here I have put together a list of great commuter tips I have found to be really helpful as a commuter myself.

– This article by Business Insider lets you in on a few commuter hacks that you have never heard before like using your riding or driving time to make checklists that organize your day, listening to podcasts that keep you up to date, or even checking your voicemail.

– What is better than finding commuter apps that help you save time and money? This article from Domaine concentrates on the best mobile apps that show you the cheapest gas stations around your location, the best traffic navigation routes, and the best parking spots around.

– This article by The Huffington Post shows us a few tips for the stressful side of commuting. It gives you tips such as meditating on your commute, unplugging from your latest iPhone, tablet, TV, or radio device, and using this time as a way to reconnect with your inner self, which will turn driving time into me time.

My favorites from these lists include listening to music (like in this awesome BuzzFeed playlist), which is the best way to de-stress for me, but today I am ready to practice all these other commuter hacks during my next trip.

Common Commuter Problems Of College Students

cars 3

As a commuter student you can never have the best of both worlds.

1. Yes, you may save on that dorm payment every semester, but spending ridiculous amounts of money for your weekly gas fill has become like an extra bill.

2. “Not another traffic jam!!” – What you tell yourself almost every time you commute in the morning. Oh and don’t get me started on rainy day commutes…

Can you say headache…

3. Having your car break down. Last week my car’s battery stopped working just as I was ready to leave for school! I had to borrow my mom’s car to go to class, a car that did not have a parking decal and that had to be parked in a metered space which had to be paid.

Tips for when your car breaks down

4. Having to pick a schedule that requires less driving. I mean it is bad enough that you spend almost half of your gas tank on driving to school for a day, imagine having to drive to class every day! I tend to pay very close attention when choosing my classes each semester so that I can take at least two or three classes each day I drive to campus, saving myself unnecessary daily trips to school.

5. Scheduling appointments with your advisor, dean, or professor. More travel time plus gas expenses. Enough said…

6. Having to drive even more to meet with friends, study groups, or clubs. As a student and art-time employee my days barry allow me to join more than one club.

Upside? Getting to write a blog about your commutes 😉

Commuter Time Management Ideas

As a commuter, one faces a list of downsides:


  • Losing time while driving/riding to campus.
  • Counting on a short amount of time to get things done before or after class.
  • Having to plan your every important school appointment.
  • Missing interesting on-campus events.

So what does a commuter do to re-connect with the campus community of one’s college or university?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Visit your college’s calendar of events – this will help you look at all the activities going on on campus that you will want to attend, which will give you time to plan.

2. Purchase an agenda and use it to mark down all the things you need to get done in schedule blocks – this will help you maintain an organized day which can prevent you from forgetting to do important things such as homework assignments.

3. Use your days off to plan ahead.

Here are more ideas about planning and time management:

– Management Ninja

Wiki How

Straight Line